Road Haulage Services

The Company runs a fleet of over 30 vehicles with a capability to carry loads of between 1 to 27 tonnes. We are members of the Road Haulage Association Icon, which covers all aspects of road safety: Safe Loading, Customers, Customers Premises and many more.

To manage our day-to-day we have a state of the art computer system, which controls the progress of vehicles loads from an order to the invoice, encompassing a facility to check a year old query in seconds!

The vehicles range from:

  • Articulated with both centre mount and roll along cranes having a carrying capacity of between 23 to 27 tonnes
  • Draw bars with crane having a carrying capacity of 27 tonnes
  • Articulated with trailer mounted Moffett Mounty and Manitou forklifts having a carrying capacity of 26 tonnes

Vehicle Information:

All vehicles and trailers are fitted with side boards or are curtained to ensure product is delivered to site in the same condition that it left the factory

Tracking Devices:

All vehicles are fitted with satellite navigation systems and hands free phone kits if you need to check the progress of a delivery

Driver Information:

All our drivers have received safety training and accident prevention courses.

The company provides haulage services throughout the United Kingdom for the construction industry including many major brick and tile manufacturers and builders merchants.

Tel: 01782 785900
Fax: 01782 785913